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Cool Alternative!


Hypatia Callisto has been using my testbed for making sculpies with Luxology’s Modo.   She’s found some minor errors in my gradients and corrected them.  She’s been kind enough to share her work with the rest of us, so here it is:     

EDIT 4/16/08: Also available as a .zip file:

and here ALT: testbedtorusfinalhc01lxo

It ain’t easy . . .

Ryder Spearmann has been doing some sculpture work with the my SL Testbed for making sculpies in modo. After some investigation he found that the gradients I created are “eased” (which is the automatic form of a gradient in Modo). This causes distortion at the outer edges of the sculpie, so I’m pleased to present the improved testbed. It can be downloaded from:

Here’s what the gradients used to look like–note the curves:GradientEase.png

Here’s what the new, straight line graident:GradientLevel.png

MDD for C4D to Modo301

c4d10logo10.pngWith the announcement of Modo301 last month and its support for rendering animations which have been stored in Motion Designer/PointOven format (known as MDD), there has been lots of excitement about the idea of transferring animation to Modo for rendering. While MDD converters are around on Windows-based platforms (XSI and Messiah for example), they are few and far between on Macs except for Lightwave. To remedy this, I’ve created a little MDD Importer/Exporter plugin for Maxon Computer‘s excellent Cinema4D system. This cross platform plugin can be downloaded from my site:

ModoLogo.pngIt’s currently in Beta since I was not able to test against Modo301 (my request for a beta unit to test against was not responded to by Luxology), however it has been tested against both LW 9.2 and XSI on a PC and I am pleased to report it appears to work.  Also, one of the Modo 301 testers has tried a couple examples produced by this plugin, indicating that it should work on Modo301 when available.

A special thanks goes out to my Beta testers (you know who you are)!


A little Modo Script for Toggling SubDs

Over on Luxology’s forum, a user requested a way to toggle the SubDs to speed up big models.

Here’s a little script that toggles SubDs in Modo:


#BY: Kerwin Rabbitroo
#version 1.6 (modo2)
#This script toggles SubDs on and Off

my $savedSetName = “ZZZVL_toggle_subD_kerwinRR”;

if (lx(“!select.useSet \”$SavedSetName\” \”select\””)) {
lx(“poly.convert face subpatch [1]”);
lx(“!select.editSet \”$SavedSetName\” \”remove\””);
else {
lx(“select.polygon add type subdiv 1”);
lx(“!select.editSet \”$SavedSetName\” \”add\””);
lx(“poly.convert face subpatch [1]”);


Download here: