I’m Famous (or Infamous)

tdwmarch09I’m quoted in 3D World’s March 2009 issue in the Article, Zbrush for Mac Trips Up.   I won’t reprint the whole article here since the specter of copyright violation has been raised (oddly by Pixologic and not 3D World.)   Relying on the journalistic protections of the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and subsequent “Fair Use” rulings of the US Supreme court, I’ll entertain you here with a few tidbits from the article, which can be found on page 28 of the March issue.

The article begins with: “The relationship between Zbrush Developer Pixologic and some  Mac-owning members of its customer base have deteriorated after the company’s garbled response to an apparent major bug in the latest release of Zbrush for Mac OS X.

I’m quoted as saying (from one of my forum posts on the subject): “It’s important for Pixologic to understand that incompleteness, costly work-arounds, and unknown timelines for fixes simply to reach parity in key functionality [with the Windows release] is not what we expect as customers.”

Jamie Labelle (Pixologic’s General manager) is quoted in the same article as saying: “There was a problem on our side with lack of communication . . . but for some it does work and for others, it is an issue.”

Labelle did not rule out a patch.   He is quoted in the article as saying “It depends on how [the tool] will be re-written.”

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