Sculpted Prims in Modo, Part III

Here’s an experimental kangaroo head using only 1 prim. with my current techniques.


I’m really stretching the geometry by including his ears in the same Prim, but you get the idea. This is powerful stuff for Avatar modeling!

3 thoughts on “Sculpted Prims in Modo, Part III”

  1. Thanks for putting these tutorials together..I do have the current Modo and was actually hoping to be able to figure out how to use it, even though it isn’t as intuitive for a artist as I would hope, like Zbrush is but since it seems there will be no support for it I am really appreciative you too the time to do this. only question I have is that I have yet to get decent indents like for eye spaces without cutting the mesh. Do you have a suggestion for this? If not..otherwise.. Thanks again for the tutorials!

  2. I’m glad you like the little Modo tut. I’m also a Zbrush user (since version 1) and just started fiddling with ZB3. If you keep your mesh density down, you can model your sculpie from your classic Zbrush sphere and then import it into Modo to bake your sculpt map. (I haven’t figured out an easy way to bake sculpt maps in ZB3 yet.)

    Eyes are a little tough. What I have been doing is filling the eye with an n-gon and pulling that n-gon deep into the figure’s head to give depth. I saw a post where Christino Midnight baked a diffuse map of an average (e.g. from above) lit map onto a sculpie to bring out more detail around the eyes. It creates the illusion that there is more geometry there than the sculpie can hold.

    Looking at sculpies with your client in “wireframe” mode can help you assess how much geometry you really have to work with. Wireframe mode can be activitated by going to the Client debug menu and selecting Rebdering -> Wireframe (CMD-Shft-R on a mac.)

    I’ll try to post examples with deeper eyes in a little while.


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